Making Sense of I.T.

Because People Rely on it.

In the modern age we all need to have complete trust in the basic infrastructure that we all use.
Prof. Paterson, Ryan, Sassone, Schneider, Smart and Dr. Boiten, Danezis, Groth and Hao

TWD proudly presents: Trusted Post-Quantum Cryptography. Find why it is unbreakable (slides and FAQs).

  SaaS (Software As A Service)

To serve a world where the markets say "SaaS first", TWD has released a secure, fast and scalable application server.

To stream financial or advertising data, or to boost high-frequency trading or online games, G-WAN will let you do more with less.

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  PPaaS (Private PaaS)

TWD's communication platform allows organizations of all sizes to secure data, transactions, as well as storage... and stay "compliant".

TWD's mathematically proven crypto-system makes it possible to trust total strangers as there is no room for gaming the system.

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  TOP-SECRET(Private) Clouds

You don't want total strangers to read your mails and phone calls, but can't find really safe solutions.

TWD private Cloud services are both "compliant" and provably-safe: only your correspondents can read what you write them: even TWD can't do shoulder-surfing.

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To build its Global-WAN secure platform, TWD first had to create G-WAN, a 200 KB application server: TWD applications require zero-configuration, more performance and less security breaches than found elsewhere. Those 5 years were worth the effort: our platform can turn things previously considered as impossible into transparent routine – for millions of users.

If something useful exists, we can make it better. If it does not exist, we can create it. Customers and partners like to work with us because we deliver unique value, the kind that can be seen by everyone at first glance.

Since 1998, TWD has always been delivering more value than expected. Today, we honor this tradition by making available unique mathematically-proven security to (really) protect data transmissions, storage and Cloud services.

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